Hand Analysis
2004-06-10, 10:16 p.m.

I swear, this is the last update Dear Diary!

Regarding letter size... you clicked "Medium".

Because your writing is neither really large or small, then we know you are not as intense as those who write really small... nor are you as flighty as those on the other extreme. You fall into the middle-of-the-road on this character trait.

Slant reveals "emotional outlay".

(How you react emotionally to the situations with which you're faced.) And concerning the letter slant of your sample you chose "Rightward slant".

Your hard right slant reveals you are a very emotional person with a broad range of emotions... from the highest highs to the lowest lows. These mood swings can be very disturbing. And because of this, you tend to burn out emotionally.

The further rightward the handwriting slants, the more you're ruled by your heart. Forget logic... which means that you probably cry at weddings, and you definitely shouldn't carry your credit cards when you're out window shopping.

Highly emotional and responsive people, like you, must take time to recharge their emotional batteries more often than others. When you're "on", you're really great... but when you're "off", you might as well shut it down and get some rest.

Because you feel situations intensely, you relate easily to the problems of others. Successful salespeople and actors usually write with a right slant, which means they easily relate to others on an emotional level, and enjoy expressing their emotions. You'll be most comfortable in a people-oriented work environment, as opposed to a job that has you working alone for long periods.

The downside... if you're not aware and on guard, contact with someone who's in a depressed frame of mind will cause you take on their depressed state as well.

You have a strong need for affection and emotional feedback... you need to be told "I love you" every day. Being romantically involved with someone that doesn't express feelings will be very frustrating - so beware.

Looking at the letter "i", you chose "i-dot is 2-3 letters from the stem... or there is no dot at all".

This signifies a lack of attention to details. You're off to the next project, without taking the time to finish the one you're working on. Better slow down... you may miss something really important!

Looking at the letter "i", you also chose "Slashed i-dot".

This leads me to think that you were irritated or angry at the time the i-dot was written. So... who are you mad at?

Oh boy... the letter "o"... this is a very insightful letter.

When you picked "Entry loops on the left side, but no exit loops on the right", you were telling me that you are deceiving yourself about something in your life... and you may not even be aware that you're doing it. Try to determine what's going on, face the facts, and get on with your life.


When I asked about the shape of the tops of the humps in the letters "m" and "n", you chose "Vary between rounded and pointed". Your represent the best of two types of reasoning styles: The "cumulative" and the "comprehensive". You can process information both in a cumulative/procedural fashion... and also in a comprehensive/fast manner.

The cumulative thinker likes to take the time to gather all the facts before forming a conclusion. On the other hand, the comprehensive thinker likes to see the big picture... without getting too deep into the details, and quickly form his/her conclusion.

Because you can process information in both a cumulative/procedural fashion... or in a comprehensive/fast manner, you can easily adapt to the situation at hand. If you're with a cumulative thinker, you can slow down and explain every detail. If you're talking to someone who only wants the bottom-line, you can speed up your thinking, and shorten your presentation.

This ability is critical to effective leadership.

This is an important trait!

When I asked you how high the t-bar is crossed on the stem of the letter "t", you chose "Crosses near top". This is the best place you could cross it... because this tells me you're ambitious, and set high goals for yourself.

According to recent research, a majority of self-made millionaires and other successful people tend to cross their t-bars on the top of the stem, which... again, indicates a healthy self-esteem.

Concerning your y's and g's, you chose "Long straight tail".

This tells me that you have a strong need to succeed on your own abilities and hard work. So you may be a bit hesitant when asking for help. That's OK... as long as you understand that nobody is an island unto themselves.

This element of your personality also indicates that you tend to be a loner. It doesn't mean you don't like being with people, it just means that you don't want to party all the time. That's OK, everybody needs occasional down time.

One more thing... because your "y-tail" is long, you have strong physical drives. You probably really enjoy sex... but there is such a thing as TOO much of a good thing!

You indicated that your "t-bar is extra long".

This trait indicates that you have a lot of extra energy, which equates to GREAT ENTHUSIASM! You're driven, determined, and willing to work long, hard hours at everything that's important to you. The world runs because of people like you!

When I asked you if the first letter of your signature was larger than the other letters, you indicated that it was.

This tells me you have a very strong "ego". And I mean ego in a good way... it takes an strong sense of self-importance to get things done and demand that the world give you what you deserve.

I did the hand analysis and this was my result.

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The larger-than-average letters in your signature indicate a tendency to show the world your self-assured and confident side. The bigger the letters... the stronger the ego.

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