Randy Monkey
2004-06-11, 9:38 p.m.

It was cold and rainy at the zoo. All the indoor exhibitions were packed and the same with indoor activities for the kids.

The monkeys were randy, and as luck would have it, Vinny spotted it first.

I was surprised and shocked he knew what they were doing, but when he told me, I practically knocked everyone kid away from the window so I could see. Of course they were done and cleaning up after the deed.

I was running late, as usual, and only had about $37. or so dollars on me. But didn't think it would be a big deal, just hit an ATM in the zoo.

After 2 tries with the card at the ATM and getting rejected for wrong number, I thought I better check the card out because the 3rd try the machine eats it. Damned if I didn't grab Matty's card. And lord knows that boy hasn't any money!

With the cold, dampness and backpack; my back went into spasms. Not fun...but took some medicine and sucked it up.


Back home, obviously, baked a Black Joe Cake and have a rubarb pie in baking now.


Our satallite was acting up due to all the trees....normally no big deal, but Tim couldn't get OLN on...so he shimmied up the tree and took a few limbs off.

Yeah, I wonder if he'd of done that for my favorite channels?

Probably...I whine loudly

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