Guns, Knives and A Fallen Principle
2004-10-20, 9:56 a.m.

I've not felt up to task on documenting my life, according to Barb. But after I got done reading some diaries, I figured out I do have something to talk about.
My deep desire.
Monday we had a meeting with the Officers for PTA and as all meetings go, they drift off to other topics. One of the other women on the group has a friend who is on the school board.
In a recent incident, the Principle of the Middle School got fired. He in turn is sueing the School District and the School Board because of how they went about it....No Due Process.
Its true, they didn't go throught the process, but considering what had occurred, I think the District and the Board would have been remiss in keeping him.
One of the kids brought a gun into school. The kids told the teachers or perhaps it was someone down in the Administration office...anyhow, the Secretary went in and whispered the news to the Principle because he was in discussing a different incident that had occurred earlier with 2 other parents about their kids verbally fighting.
When the secretary whispered the news of the gun into his ear, he said he'd deal with it after he was done with these parents!
The secretary went out and called the police and the district office. By the time the Principle came out of his office, the Police were already there along with The District Administrator. Not only did they get the gun but the kid had also had a knife on him! The Principle was fired immediately.
Now the Principle is sueing the school district and the board, not only over due process, but for some bullshit pain and suffering. The Principle's wife is also sueing for pain and suffering because her husband can no longer get it up and perform his marital duties!
I don't think the District will lose this battle. They have been documenting his lack of ability for some time now. Kids, still don't have their schedules! The Police have been at the Middle school everyday but once since school started.
Its a zoo at the Middle School. Vinny is taking karate lessons and we have already resigned ourselves to the fact that we'll be shelling out big money for private school, because no way in hell will Vinny go there!
My poor little baby would get his ass kicked on the 1st day and I sure as hell would hate having to go to prison for killing.
Since all this came down, a School Board Member quit.......I'd love to get hooked up with that! But, alas, I have no one who'd vote for you need to be a citizen to run for that?

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