Opie's Sister Here
2004-10-21, 11:30 a.m.

My Poor Matty is down sick with the flu and won't beable to go see PresidentBush when he makes his appearence today.
Why is it when a child is sick, they still crawl out of their bed and crawl into their mother's? I mean, I'm no longer in the bed and up for the day, but he goes into my bed? All my kids have done that.
I like to think its the smell of 'mama' that helps make them feel better.
The meeting I went to last night sort of sucked and the man who put it on, was kind of condescending towards us. He was from NYC and talked to us like he just stepped in on the set of an old Andy Griffin show in Mayberry.
Yeah okay fucker, we'll dealing with 65% Hispanic population coming from NYC and Philly....fuck you. We ain't no Mayberry honey....
You know it grand that these people want to move to this area and start anew. But most times they move in and bring their garbage with them. They come here and see that they can act like big old thugs compared to our Opie's. I have nothing against a person trying to do themselves and their families good, but really....try to acclimate yourself to that of your area, not the other way around...especially if its negative!

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