2005-08-01, 12:38 a.m.

It seems like ages since I've have the pleasure of rattling off what ever popped into my head.

I'm constantly busy at work and home. My diabetes is taking a beating due to the erratic scheduling I work. I think the next time I go in for my check up, I'll just admit defeat and start taking the medicine.
I don't even have time or energy for pleasure reading. Just when I get the time, I lay down with a book and off to sleep I go.
I guess I really shouldn't complain, there was a time when I couldn't sleep.

I can't wait til Maelen comes back home. I really miss having a female around the house to talk to.
Dawn Marie works a lot of hours in the evening, so between the two of our schedules were lucky if we see each other for more than 30 minutes a week. I do get to see the grandchildren though. I usually try to have them come and spend one night a week at Nana's.

Things are pretty hostile at work. It probably has much to do with the over crowding. They are keeping more Officers on duty, per shifts, than they use to.
I know of at least one inmate who wants to kick my butt in a bad way.
Thats okay, I've been practicing getting my OCspray out of my safety belt. Just like getting a gun out of a holster.

Do have some good news on the job front in regards to having an ex-foster child working there.
I was told 3 different stories, but with all gossip, deep within, there lays some truth.
The first version, which came from the Administration Manager is that she failed to bring in all her paperwork, but showed up on the day of training. The Trainer told her to go home and not bother coming back.
Second version was, that she is pregnant and she's not sure whats she's going to do about the pregnancy, and once she decides she'll let them know.
The thrid version is that her boyfriend, who is a frequent guest, doesn't want her working there.
Personally, I don't know how she could work there....not with her boyfriend being in and out and most of her brothers locked up.
What ever is the truth, I don't care, I'm just glad she isn't working there.
When I told Dawn about her starting to work there, I expressed how upset I was and how it's going to ruin my private time for just me. Dawn got upset and said I was mean, that she had run into her shopping and that she only had wonderful things to say about me. Yeah, at the same time she blew her horn on how wonderful she was. I personally found her to be sneaky.

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