Furniture and Fire
2004-11-16, 12:13 p.m.

Last night I was finally able to talk Tim into letting me get new furniture!
I saw pictures of Janie's leather furniture and that was the final kicker in getting it for myself.
I ordered a burgandy leather sofa, a matching recliner, (no loveseat...the kids just sprawl on it, so decided to go with a recliner) and endtables and matching coffee table. The coffee table has a game board in the center for either chess or backgammon. All the paperwork is done, all Tim needs to do is sign the papers!
Merry Christmas....again, Barb!!!!
I called the Spanish radio station up to let them know about the proposed city budget, in regards to the lack of fire protection the northside hasn't had since November 4th.
There is another meeting scheduled for this Friday at 1pm and I really feel the Hispanic community should be aware of what they have and don't have. I really hope we have more people show up for this.
I can't remember the gentleman who actively represents the needs of the Hispanic's, but I'm hoping by contacting the radio station, that they will bring this to his attention.
Maelen's friend is very active at that radio station. She interprets all the news and current events from the schools, so that the Spanish families can become more pro-active in the schools and things going on in the community.
I'm still so disturbed about lack of fire protection. If we don't get this taken care of properly, our property value is going to drastically drop and our homeowners insurance is going to go sky high! Once your homeowners insurance goes up...there is no getting it back down. I for one, would rather pay more local tax, than have that happen!

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