ABC's & Extortion
2004-11-15, 9:43 a.m.

reminded me of Vinny and his friends, in regards to magic and imagination.
He and a group of boys started a club called 'The Dodo Club'. They begin as eggs and progress to maturity. They have a Chief Dodo and the Chief must pay merit money, they earn this money at school to purchase items from the store, but they feel the stuff at the store is crappy, so they have discovered a new way to put that merit money to use. They use it to pay the 'Secret Service' for protection. I'm rather surprised the Teachers and the playground Aides have allowed this to continue. It seems to me, a learning experience in extortion. Don't get me wrong, I think its rather funny, but with the zero tolerance that is administered so strictly through the schools, I'm just a bit surprised this is allowed.
I think I better talk to the person who runs the merit store, that we ought to use some of that money we alloted in the beginning of the year, to be used to purchase interesting items for the kids to purchase with their reward money.

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