Banquet of Intellect
2004-05-24, 7:43 p.m.

Just got back from the National Honor Society Banquet. The dinner was delicious and it still amazes me how I am in a banquet room full of all these High Achievers and they aren't nerdy but rather humorous, well rounded young adults.

One of the kids, a senior, that I found rather interesting....artsy looking, long hair, quite funny, got up and talked about what he planned on doing after High School.

No wonder I found him to be interesting....he's going to Major in Philosophy. Another student is doing the same thing, but he also added that he would then become Professionally Unemployed after Graduation. I couldn't help but laugh and wanted to tell him how so very true that statement was. I think his Parents must have rolled their eyes when he told him his decision on his Major.

Thank God Matty has no desire to go off to College to become a Professional Dreamer.

He did tell me at the dinner, he is intending on going to Temple. I think that may be a good choice. I feel he'll be exposed to a vaster varity of experiences than if he were to go to the Philadelphia Institute of Science....but then again....that is such a good school and difficult to transfer into.....

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