Know My Name
2004-05-25, 3:58 a.m.

For a long long time, I didn't have many past memories. Since starting this diary in November of 2001, they seem to be drifting back.

I'm glad to be rid of the old name. When I began this, I really felt that way about myself.

I was so terrified of everything after 911

None of the above have to do with anything.

I haven't the air conditioner in yet for downstairs.

I smell alot of the past. Smells from when I was younger than Vinny. I smell my Grandmother's house in Pittsburgh. The smells are both soothing and manic inducing.

I think about how grateful I am to be alive, all limbs attached and not freakishly scarred.

Amy's look Sunday to me in the kitchen still has me unsettled.

It makes me glad, that you know my name.

It makes me glad that I have survived, so that I could tell my name.

Amy, I know what it's like to be used and abused then tossed out along a highway, not knowing where you are.

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