Truly BonBon Time
2005-06-21, 1:48 p.m.

I have decided to take the next days off. It feels good not having to map out my every moment. Besides, all of Vinny's friends went on vacation this week and I think we'll hit some local attractions around here.

Tim had a nice Father's Day. I had also invited Robert and Kaden over for the cook-out, seeing as how Dawn had to work.
Robert said he can't get over the changes in me....I'm almost cool.

Matty is back from the ocean, but I still rarely see him...except in the morning sleeping on the couch. I can't understand why he just can't walk up the steps and sleep in his own bed. You'd even think comfort would take more precedence over laziness.

Funny thing happened at work last of the Officer's told me I should keep a journal about work and not to rely upon memory. It was all I could do not to laugh. Instead I just told her thanks for the advice.

God, it feels good not having to do anything today.

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