Misunderstanding Cleared
2004-06-04, 11:27 a.m.

Things are back on track here at the house.

My Doctor's Nurse called me up to tell me she was finally able to get my Doctor to understand about his misunderstanding in my refills and he has since corrected those entries in my medical file.

According to the information he had on record, it would easily be seen that I was abusing my pain medication.

I went into panic mode and then slept the sleep of the dead all day yesterday, except to bake a triple chocolate cake and what laundry I was able to scrounge around for.

The weather is perfect for me! I love to bake and cook, but will not do any of that when its hot. Yesterday I made a lovely leg of lamb wrapped up in mint leaves. It was so glad and tender. I must make myself remember to dry mint leaves out so that I have it for winter.

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