Lambs and Wolves
2004-07-31, 9:17 a.m.

Dang...I wished I'd of caught the fight between Danny Williams and Mike Tyson.

It sure would have been sweet seeing Tyson go down!

Hmmmm....Tyson's been around a long time. I can't stand him. He took away the showmanship of the sport.

Who would want to pay big $$$ only to see Tyson whoop the opponent's butt in 1 round? Tyson is just so nasty. Its so hard not to compare his boxing style to the likes of Ali.


Speaking of fights, I received awhile ago a message from Tina.

Boy oh Boy did the system ever let her down again. But she's so stupid she doesn't even realize it.

First the Agency emancipates her (at the age of 17, with no skills or employment) because her case proves to be to problematic. Second, New Jersey's Family and Child Services, finds it easier to just give Tina back her son....this I assume....without having the County do a courtsey check to make sure everything is kosher!

Tina then proceeded in telling me that she was busy that weekend and her son was proving to be far to difficult for her to attend to and get things together for his 3rd birthday she sent him back down to visit his GreatGrand Mother in NJ...who still happens to have the pediphile who molested the baby, living there!

And to imagine....more and more of the lovingly innocent Citizens of the UnitedStates are more than willing to give over their rights for the Government to handle!

Its harder to get back once you give up your rights and freedom.

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