Can You Jump High and Fast?
2004-06-10, 6:28 p.m.

Oh Lordy is it hot and humid!

Its comfortable in the main portion of the house. I have the kitchen door closed with the windows open because this is the room I smoke in, plus I have the computer in here.

We? They still didn't get the airconditioner placed in yet for downstairs, but I discovered yesterday if I close the kitchen off and then open the bedroom doors, the cold air just drops.

God must have struck me with a thunderbolt yesterday to figure that one out. He knew I was going to have my grandchildren all day til the evening.

Thanks God....I'd of hated having to confess to murder. It was bad enough when I did a confession on purposely trying to run my ex down by pretending my car needed a jump.

Damn but he jumped high and fast!

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