Hypochondria, Me?
2004-11-18, 9:23 a.m.

Goodness, I feel so good today!
Mama got her arms open wide to embrace my BonBon Day!!! And I didn't even think I'd have one today....the best kind of day...The Great Unexpected.
Okay, I freely admit I may be a hypochondria...but dang, if I am, it sure felt real to me.
Sandy stopped by this morning and it was with great difficulty to refrain from too much jubilation, especially considering she did most of the fall fund raiser by herself. But, geez Louise, when I do any chairing of fundraisers I always make sure I call up enough volunteers so that I don't have much to do!
When I told Sharon of my guilt and then my reaction to my guilt by diminishing those feelings...she agreed with me....she said when she came to pick up her chicken, I was just standing there not doing much of anything. I sort of took offense (lovingly) from that barb and said -I was the one to hold the children's hands and walk them across the street to deliver the chicken to the cars!
See, its all about kids with me. And to think, them damn boggers drive me nuts!

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