10 Years
2005-04-14, 9:11 a.m.

I'm feeling pretty good about obtaining this job. I'm even happy to be leaving the house. The confinement enviroment will even be similar to that which I've been living now for years.
I'm considering this new chapter of life as a major baby step into a healthy mind.
Tim and Vinny aren't happy about this at all. I thought Tim would have been glad that my depression lifted enough and that I had a willingness to join the outside world, but he's not and is acting rather miserable about this entire thing. Vinny, who at first was happy is now emulating his Dad.
Vinny was even bitching this morning about a pair of jeans he wanted to wear and I said I didn't wash them, then remembered I had them in the dryer. He was disgusted and said -yeah, I can't wait till you start work.
To be quite honest, I saw Charlene a couple days after Robert told me he and Dawn were going to try to have another baby. I am happy for them, but I am sick to death of changing baby diapers! Come August 31st, it will be 10 years of non stop diaper changing. I didn't want to be available to watch the new baby. I love my grandchildren, but I just want them to come and visit 'Nana'.
So, when I saw Charlene, it popped into my head then....get a job.......

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