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2006-07-08, 10:32 a.m.

The strangest thing happened to me last night and it leaves me to feel more bewildered than flattered.
I worked Central Control last night, that's the area that controls the entire back half of the prison, the worst of the worst and the protective custody pussies.
I was working with a couple of guys....all who were each younger than my oldest daugther. The one guy takes himself quite serious and who deep within himself feels slightly inferior because of his lack of education.
Anyhow, we were left in the bubble most of the night by ourselves, just working the panels and manning the phones. That leaves you with lots of idle time that we usually fill with random conversation, cards, suduko or crossword puzzles.
My back was killing me last night, so I mostly stood, leaning over the counter in front of the panels.
I always just assumed I was just 'one of the guys' because of the way we joke about things. But last night, the guy who takes himself so serious and is biting at the bit for a 'white shirt', came up behind me a rubbed himself against me! It left me feeling slimy, but I just blew it off and told him he needs to rub the man bone else where.
Under no terms do I encourage such behavior and it leaves me stumped as to why these men are attracted to older women.
But dear diary....he sure is cute.

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