Waiting for a burst of energy
2005-01-22, 11:36 p.m.

Sat here doing quizes. About to have a cup of tea and take a little walk around the neighborhood.
Barbara, when you talk to your teen you Give Them Freedom

When it comes to parenting, you usually invoke the wisdom of Ralph Waldo-Emerson and strive to give your teens a strong sense of self-reliance. It's not that your household lacks structure or discipline, but you like to be flexible about rules and conditions. You're a firm believer that helping your child develop into a confident, reliable, and free-thinking adult can only come through giving them the freedom to make decisions as they grow up.

Of course, sometimes this puts you in a tough position it's difficult to sit back and watch as your teen makes a mistake or a choice that you don't agree with. But you would rather empower them with an independent spirit and secure sense of self than have them always rely on you for answers. And that's what maturity and friendship are all about.

Barbara, you're a Cultural Traveler

See the world. Meet new people. For you, traveling is an unparalleled chance to see what makes the rest of the world tick. Curious and social, you get just as big a kick from chatting up locals as you do from visiting historic sites.

Different people, cultures, and landscapes help you appreciate what you have and also see the world from someone else's eyes. It's a learning experience you're after, so whether you find that in museums, ruins, or local markets, you're sure to come away with a new view or idea. Take it all in!

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