Why Hellooooo Mommy Dearest
2005-01-11, 12:44 a.m.

I like going for Sunday drives.
Who the hell does that shit anymore?
Sharon always makes fun of me for enjoying it.
Yesterday I didn't.
Tim lets me decide where to go. I can't remember the names of any of the towns around me, even though I've lived here for exactly 14 years and 9 days. I just tell him ....go north or east sometimes on rare occasions I'll say south.
Yesterday I said north west.
When we finally got home, I told him if I ever lived in an area such as that, I'd put a damn gun to my head and just do away with the agony of living amongst all those redneck motherfuckers.
The only nice thing about the ride was when we got out and did about a 5 minute walk beside the lake before Vin started yammering about being cold.
I'm such a lucky sack of shit.
My mother is coming for a visit tomorrow and I'll be driving her to D.C. the next day.
Actually I am lucky. She's been wanting to come and stay longer, but I've been very good and testy about that not happening.
Besides, I couldn't take her whining any longer....I was eyeballing lamps.

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