"What's junk to one is a treasure to another."
2004-08-24, 2:50 p.m.

School starts next Monday, but other than having Vince hanging in his boxer's all day long, it feels like school is back in session.

Dropping checks off at the school, picking up that damn Scholastic Book Fair crap.....I just know I'm going to be stuck doing that thing again! Ugh, god what a cartoon word, but exactly how I feel about it.

I noticed I had deposits I should have made back in June that are still sitting upstairs waiting to go to the bank. I also need to get to Staples and pick up supplies for this school year. Ugh, again.

The only saving grace is that I have all my back to school shopping done, minus what I grab at Staples while getting the PTA stuff.

Matty has soccer practice 3x's a day, but luckly he drives himself back and forth and Maelen has started volleyball practice. The coach was nice enough to not penalize her for going on vacation their 1st week of practice.

I probably shouldn't write this, it could possibly be taken wrong. But, I hate censoring myself and it gives depth into what a wonderful young lady Maelen is.

Last night, while Maelen was taking a shower, I had to go....had to go bad! I only have 1 bathroom....yeah, I'm a poor wench.

We have a 'no peek' rule in the house, usually it is only me that goes into the bathroom when anyone is in it....Tim, Matty and Vin will only come in when I'm in the shower/bath...they never pester anyone else and I could bet my bottom dollar that Matty would burn his eyeballs out before taking a peek at his mother! Now Vin on the other hand, hmmmmmm.

Any how, I knocked and said I had to pee bad. Maelen gave permission...I entered.

Tim was back in the bedroom and Maelen and Vinny sound an awful lot a like, especially in the bathroom.

Tim thought it was Vin in the bathroom and perhaps 10 minutes later he knocked then opened the bathroom door!

Maelen was out of the shower at this time and was wrapped in a towel and was using another to dry her hair...she was bent over drying her hair when Tim opened the door.

Tim immediately closed the door and apologized profusely. I didn't ease Tim's discomfort, I just called him a 'dirty old goat'....but said with much jest.

But.....later Maelen came to me and apologized to me! She said she was so sorry for not locking the door, that had she locked it, then Tim wouldn't have suffered the embarrassment. She said she doesn't lock the door, because no one else does and she just felt it was alright that she didn't.

The poor Darling was so sorrowful when telling me this. I wanted to cry. I immediately told her she had nothing to be sorry about.

This darling child had lived with her mother and stepfather since the age of 2. When she turned 12 her mother started accusing her of making overt passes towards her stepfather. Maelen was heartbroken! She tried and tried explaining to her mother that wasn't the truth, that her stepfather was her daddy and she'd never do such a thing.

This had been going on for 2 years. The mother just couldn't get it through her head that there was nothing sexual happening between her and her stepfather. Even the stepfather tried telling the mother.

The mother eventually sent Maelen from Puerto Rico to live with her biological father that she had no contact with.

I could gush on and on about the wonderful young lady that Maelen is, but I'm a wee bit superstitious and am afraid I'd be hexing the Angel that Maelen is.

All I can say is the old adage of "What's junk to one is a treasure to another." I love Maelen and she is a wonderful treasure!

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