We Are Buddhists
2004-05-26, 2:17 p.m.

Matty and I can not kill bugs...Nah, it isn't like we embrace the Buddhist philosophy or anything. We just cringe with the thought of getting up close and personal with them; even to kill them.

The other night a huge moth got into the house. I was at the sink, I was able to use the towel to get it inside...I then preceeded to spray water on it, in hopes it would just go down the drain.

But the damn thing was too big to fit. I was EEEEing and begged Matty to come help me do something with it. He got a glass and place over it, hoping it would climb up, then we could rush it outside.

Damn thing....it was too wet and I then had to grab a papertowel to dry it off.

It then entered the glass and we released it outside...but we forgot to shut the door and many other smaller insects came inside.

I hate summer.

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