Velveteen Rabbit
2005-02-22, 9:18 p.m.

I feel so blah and restless. I can't even remember when I felt restless, I guess that means the meds are working.
We didn't go to Baltimore Saturday as planned, so I'm still on SixWeasels list. I think.
Instead we drove out towards Allentown to see some cave, but it was closed. We then decided to go see Daniel Boones Homestead, but we got lost. We then went to see a movie, something about a Mask. I fell asleep as usual, the movie was boring, not even sure if Vin liked it.
Next week Baltimore.
I'm liking that red door more and more. I don't think I'll let Dawn paint it, she can do the other door and the trim....but I really don't want the trim done either, because I like all those nicks and gouges in there. It gives it a warm loved look.
Sort of like the Velveteen Rabbit

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