I WishI Were Under The Covers
2004-10-06, 2:35 p.m.

I'm cranky and miserable.
Matty stayed home from school and heard Vinny going off. He asked me if he always acts like that....ummmm, yeah, while eyes are glazed.
I hate mornings with him. He always has a complaint of some sort.
I wake at 6 am to have my coffee, cigettes and the paper. I start dreading the time about 7 am because that means I have to wake the lion in 30 minutes.
He gets enough sleep, he goes to bed at 8:30pm....maybe less reading before he finally drifts off.
I haven't heard from Dawn at all....not that I was expecting it.
I wished we had a good relationship.
My mother called. She said she wanted to come and visit. I said I had no room available and I couldn't afford to pay for a hotel for her.
I didn't encourage conversation...it quickly died out as she was telling me about Wayne and how he was going to take half the proceeds from the sale of the house. I just told her, I know nothing about that stuff. She eventually stopped bitching and said he must have written us all off, because I didn't tell her I was still talking to him.
I realize in one breath I talk about Dawn not having a relationship with me and then in the next talk about my reactions with my mom.
They are 2 totally different situations! I have always been there for Dawn and her children. I have always put my children's needs first...not vice verses.
I think had I treated Dawn like my mom treated me, she'd kiss my ass.
I have never been able to make Dawn happy.
One day I will learn how to stop trying.
I suppose I should be happy she married to such an asshole!
Jesus help me.

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