Tieing Up Some Loose Ends
2005-01-06, 11:59 a.m.

I've done some good and I've done some bad. But I'm glad I chose this town as home.
I was bored and was looking at baby picture, from the local hospital.
I sure am glad they didn't do this when I had Vinny.
Lordy, but some of those children are uuuugly!
It also gives people an opportunity to leave messages....no, I know I'm brash, but I'd never tell a person, to their face how ugly their child was. I'd say something nice, like -oh such a pretty outfit or something. I know my face would be smirking, so I'd run off to serve them tea or something.
I think Sharon lies to me. She told me once my face doesn't give me away. But I see myself in Vinny and he can't tell an untruth....his face ever so slowly grows into a smirk...exactly how I feel my face must grow.
I should sit down long enough one of these days to write a closing to some of the things that has happened through the year. But, I had [I think] AHAD, and could give a rats ass, because that would make me want to know and Lord knows I need not have the bother.
This I will say is that we now have a fully staffed fire department and lucky us will not have sky high home insurance to pay.
Hmmm....okay this one also....Ruben is moving in with his Aunt in Connecticut. I've not heard a word from him since he was placed in that specialized foster home.
He was given a choice to either be adopted or live with family, he told the courts he did not want anything to do with his mother. So, I'm guessing an Aunt stepped up to the bat and will take him in.
Tina....hmmmm.....you have to wonder where the God Lord's head is at, for he gave to her a child of high needs, and Tina herself is not much above moron level.
I did inquire, although I really didn't want to know, if she had a caseworker to help her process all that is going on. I asked her because she sends me email, not knowing this or that and wants me to answer them for her.
I'm glad that she does have the caseworker, because my guilt was such that I felt compelled to go to the hospital with her and make sure she got all that she needed.
Her other child is in Puerto Rico staying with who ever will have him for the day or week. She said he doesnt' want to come home....he is only 3 years old. But what is to be expected, she herself has only turned 18.
HaHa...I did see in the paper the other day, that a child I had [and greatly disliked] got arrested for disturbing the peace...it did piss me off, to see that my address was her last known address!
Now off to get my brows waxed up.

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