What Is There To Think About
2004-06-17, 12:10 p.m.

I shit you not! I just opened this email message....it's from my last long term foster daughter.

Is someone on crack!!!!???????!!!!

Here's a copy of the message:


Hey how are you doing? Well, me IM three months now and the father is a wonderful man he has been there with me all threw the three months and has not left my side I guess that I have to thank good about that he blessed me with someone who loves me and my son a lot and would do anything for us. Now about my son he is not living with me right now because he is going threw a lot we think that he has been sexually abuse cause he said" Mommy I no what to go to grandma's house scared cause uncle Luis put him finger in my butt and i no like it cause it hurt E I stay hear with you and daddy" So I don't know what is going to happen yet hopefully he will be home soon well just recently I move with my boyfriend but I have not yet told [caseworker] cause IM scared of what mite happen my dad kicked me out cause I guess he couldn't deal with me I don't know why cause I never did anything wrong so now I live with my boyfriend. So my Mom is getting out [from jail] in two weeks and is moving to my grandmothers house in New Jersey and I do not want my son around her cause she hits him a lot for no reason at all he tells me and you can see the marks I worry a lot about E but I sometimes do not know what to do cause IM scared of what happen to him mite be true I always prayed that what happened to me would never happen to him well I guess God did not hear my prayer clearly but things happen in life for a reason but my son was innocent he is only three years old. well I love you but gotta go now okay write me back I Love You your Ti Wi

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