The Whore Of Satan
2004-07-15, 12:08 a.m.

I Love Slim Fast!

They gave the boot up the old waazoo to Whoopie. its 'The Color Purple' I'll never ever watch again. So many movies I refuse to watch due to the arrogance of those so called entertainers.

I've boycotted so much stuff, not that I'll make a difference, its principle.

Got to check this out. It's a parody of Woody Guthrie's song 'This Land'.

I wish my anger would drown. I feel as if I have a strap on penis and letters and words whirl to form the penis.

I am just sick of feeling like a toilet.

My mother is going to come down and visit Dawn in a couple of weeks. Dawn told me a few days ago. I've been trying to be logical and reasonable about it, after all mom hasn't seen her new home. Why now? Dawn has lived there for almost 3 years.

I start obsessing over the past and worrying about the future.

Then I come undone.

My mother did jack for my kids. Granted after awhile I stopped asking. I remember the last thing I asked her. I had just left my last husband. I left with the clothes on my back and a few of Dawn's things and pictures. It was November 1st. All Saints Day. The day that I use as my day to make changes for the good in my life. I was pregnant. I asked her if she'd buy Dawn a winter coat, I was broke and didn't have the money. You could hear the contempt dripping from her voice over the phone, I could visualize the sneer upon her face, she told me that I made my fucking lay in it!

That was the last I ever asked her for anything.

I question her true motive in coming down. Wayne is leaving/separating from her in August and I know my mom is working angles to have another place to stay so she isn't at Brenda's house constantly. It kills me to think she'll even put a morsel of Dawn's food into her mouth. When she didn't give a fuck about her when she was a little girl

It also pisses me off that Dawn is trying to establish a relationship with the hag. It makes me feel like Dawn is giggling about the toilet my mother allowed me to become because it enabled her to partied her whore ass off.

I'll be sure to go over to Dawn's when the whore comes down. I'll sneer and begrudge her every bite of food that goes in that gaping hole.

I'm so superstitious I can not even wish her harm on the way down, for fear it will bounce unto someone I love.

Whore's that have sold their souls to Satan never have rotten luck.

I'm 45 years old....I need to get over her and my anger.

Really, it was much better when I had the closets all shut.

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