Thank You God
2004-11-05, 11:38 a.m.

I just got off the phone with Dawn. My palm and ear are still warm.
I'm so madly in love with my Daughter all over again!
We talked and talked, like the good old days. It was so comfortable and comforting. We just rambled on and on about everything.
We are going over to her house for Thanksgiving. I told her it is good that she take a holiday, so that we have it already established and her brothers will have to bring their wives to Dawn's home. I'm not thrilled about eating other peoples food. I just never know how clean they are in their food preparation if they marry girls from this area, that means the only spice they know about is salt and pepper. Christmas Eve is my home and Easter and Christmas will be up for grabs when all the kids are older and hopefully living near Mama.
Dawn told me they took custody of Robert's little brother. I'm so proud of her for reaching out and trying to help a child beyond her own children. I cried when she told me about that.
Dustin came at a good time. Next week they are going to Mexico for 2 weeks. This time they are going somewhere on the West Coast. They'll get back the night before Thanksgiving, so I'll prepare all the food and take over and put in her oven and she can baste the turkey.
I'm so happy!!!!!
Thanksgiving with my Daughter....I will be overly thankful towards God for aiding us to bridge our difference...even if it is for a short lived time.

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