2004-05-30, 4:13 p.m.

I've been thinking...YIKES

I wish my life mimicked that of my bowel movements.

Giving all I can and getting up and wishing I could give more.

I probably could give more if I didn't have an irrational fear of doing a Presley. He died while trying to have a bowel movement.

I don't like Acronym's either. Before all my marriages my initials were BBM, my mom said it stood for Big Bowel Movement.....or she forced me to early into potty training.

The forced potty training is just being sarcastic. I don't hold a grudge towards my mother for that.

Far to many other things to consider than that.

I'm happy that Dawn did go see a Minister in regards to our last fight. Perhaps I should seek some type of counseling to help me get over Tilly and her short comings.

I'd like to think the difference between Tilly and I are that I'm able to eat my past sins.

She still hasn't, and constantly lies or makes excuses.

Dawn accused me of making excuses. I said no, hear me out, you must see the environment of the situation, that which lead to poor choices.

I know Kate tells me to get over the's past.

I was surprised when she wrote that. I was always under the impression that I approached life like a Chapter Book. 'Okay, end of chapter, period, move on.' Wow, my surprise when I realize she spoke the truth.

I love you so very much Kate.

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