Swedish Shoes and Insect Spit
2004-11-09, 4:31 p.m.

I got very happy feet!
Spent a tiny bit over $250.oo for 3 pair of shoes...a great deal actually. Buy 2 pairs get the 3rd at half off!
Bought a new tv for up in the bedroom, but will save that as a gift for xmas. Last stop was 4 silk sweaters and 2 pair of slacks....had to have new slacks to match my new shoes!
Everything was on sale.
Came home, switched outfits, stopped at Dawn's to show her my new stuff and the fact that I lost 2 dress sizes! Made her think it was stress...but did point out the Garfield eyes.
As I was leaving her house, I stepped in Gingko berries!
Phew....they smell like wet, sick, dog poop.
Stopped at the bank to put all the deposits for PTA in and had people looking and sniffing.
Damn Gingkos
I love silk, I even think that the fact that it's made out of insect spit makes it more desirable.
To bad we can't make something good from our spit.

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