Suprises & Disappointments
2005-10-04, 1:04 a.m.

Holy cow, we have 2 minor, a 17 years old and the other 15 years old. Both girls are in for separate charges of attempted homocide.
The 17 year old was in before, we called her ThugGirl, but towards the end she seemed like she had a change of attitude, and didn't expect to see her again.
The 15 year old had just been released from a juvenile facility for two prior attempts of homocide. This time the Judge sentenced her as an adult.

When we receive minors, we have to smock them automatically and place them on 15 minute suicide checks. The smocks look like an outfit the Flintstones would wear, except they are a heavy tear-proof material.
I was the lucky one to take her over to Medical for a physical. What we usually do is give them back their uniforms to walk over in. With her I took her suicide blanket and gave her the smock. The others on the block started yammering about me not letting her walk over like that. I just ignored their protests and moved her along.
That young lady better get use to things not being so sweet, soon she'll be going to the StatePrison to carry out the rest of her incarceration. As for the other girl, I feel great disappointment and she's not even my kid, nor one of my kids.

Matty came home over the week-end and for once we were able to see more of each other than passing at the door as one was going and the other leaving.
Matty fell asleep on the couch and in the morning he heard Tim yelling at Vinny. He said it made him smile, and it was then he knew he was really home.

At the market, they had a special on Lump crab meat. It's usually about $20.oo a pound, but like I said it was on special for $9.99/pound. I bought 2 cans. Now normally I never purchase any fish/seafood anywhere other than a fish market, but the price lured me in.
Sunday when I got home from work, I decided I was going to make crab cakes. I got all the ingredients together except the crab meat.
Mind you I have a horrible head cold.
I opened up the cans and I thought it kind of smelled strong, so I tasted it, it tasted warm on my tongue even though it just came out of the fridge. Vinnie came into the house and wanted to know what that awful stink was?
I'm surprised I didn't vomit. Plus Tim was given a rough time at the market for wanting his money back because he didn't have a receipt.
Who the hell keeps their grocery receipts?
We got the money back and had tuna cakes...God forbid I should waste.

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