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2004-05-27, 12:49 a.m.

I belong to an Exclusive, very selective and haughty Chat Group. We don't always have time to chat together at the same time. But we have a delightful message board we take advantage of to offer advice or seek advice.

A question was posted in regards to other peoples children and wanting to visit their children. The person who posted the original question is dealing with frustrations of a friend of her daughter's. The child will come to her house with no time limit set by her mother. The child will frequently want to stay over to eat...and eat larger portions than herself and her children...she will also waste much of what she takes. She ended the message with this, "Anyway... I'm just waiting for her to go home so I can pretend she never annoyed me."

Some of the responses given were at 1st just quick off the cuff advice. But then it became rather serious...then down right hilarious. I won't share the hilarious posts because they soon became nothing whats so ever to really do with the original posts.


Lordy Honey, you got to put your foot down now before school is out! You know and most others know I dont' mind kids at my house. But you do need to set up limits that you are comfortable with. First of all, you need to stress to Daughter what the rules are!

If your comfort level is beyond having children for dinner.....then tell Daughter, and if she feels compelled to invite a child while they are visiting...just politely tell the child no....then pull said child aside and threaten to kick her ass! Ah, wait that part I was only semi kidding about. But you get the picture.

On the other can't come across as the Scrooge....purchase inexpensive snacks....crackers and those freeze pops....let them snack on that.....but you dole it out. Knowing from experience kids will keep giving it out til its all gone.

Actually Advice Seeker, you want the kids coming to your house, its easier keeping an eye on whats up with the your in control.

Haughty Member:

I hate the demon spawn who lives down the road. Their mother is a drunk, as is their step father. They are given run of the neighborhood and constantly ask, "Can we have an Otter Pop?" approximately every ten seconds. Now, with the dirtbike they say, "How come we never get a turn?" To which we reply, "And you neva will!"

I don't know any real answers. First of all, limiting is good. Those Spawns show up at the door and I say point blank, "My child is busy." or "No kids today." And after awhile, they seem to get the fact that I am the neighborhood bitch ;) I like it that way!

Oh yeah, but I feel massively sorry for them, so sometimes I give in.


I was one of those devil spawn children. Perhaps not like we associate 'those' types of children today, but needless to say a devil spawn child.

We never had any regular time to eat, no time to be run of the neighborhood.

We all found a family that just sort of adopted us and weaved us into their lives.

I look at the flip side of the story.

Special Member:

I agree, Barb. That was why I came back to add that I do feel sorry for them.

I know their parentage has little to do with them, and if it were their choice (the kids) things would be different. Hell, if it were my choice things would be different for them. Their drunken parents on the other hand...

Also, I sounded harsh, I know. But as I write this, at 8pm, they are playing in my back yard on my daughter's swing set, with their bikes strewn about my yard. So yeah, I am mean and don't give them food when they ask constantly - but I hope I didn't sound like I was completely evil in that I don't like them around at all...


Ah geez Darling Special Member, I didn't mean to make you sound like the demon woman. I believe that boundries need to be established so that the comfort level isn't taken too a level that isn't comfortable.

If the children are coming to your home and are showing no respect, they need to be told it will not be tolerated EVER and explained to them what your rules are.

Sometimes they need to be turned away in order to learn their lesson.

I would like to think that we were polite and well manner....I don't think thats an unworthy assessment, because the families did welcome us. And we bent over backwards to help them out in household chores and etc.

But sadly, children now a days don't seem to have those endearing qualities about them....

I hate Hillary Clinton and I know that this quote doesn't truly belong to her...that she herself borrow it from someone....but I truly embrace it

It takes a village to raise a child

Very Very Uber Haughty Member:

I don't really have this problem as there are no children in our immediate neighborhood. Not any of my kids age anyways. I think they've only had friends over once or twice with the exception of Special Member's children. I do like that I can put my foot down about house rules and they like me anyway.

Personally, I wouldn't mind feeding other children as long as it's not taking away from my own. We live on a tight budget and I can't afford to feed other people's children because they are Slacking Parents. I might give them a popsicle or something like that but not meals. I can see the occasional dinner or something but not hanging out every damn day and just pigging out.

And you're right, it does take a village to raise a child...but where are the other adults in the village?


We the People of the Village, shame the asses of those who don't carry their weight.

Haven't you all noticed that about me yet?

And thats what I mean.... frozen pop thingies and if you so desire...get giant bag of generic animal crackers you'll find them on the bottom shelf of the cookie aisle section.

Busy B Haughty Member:

Screw the village and screw everyone else. I only have to provide and care for my children. Ok ok... fine that's not really how I feel but it felt good to say it.

Barb you crack me up telling me where to find generic cookies. As if... haha


You know Busy B Haughty Member, the only reason I mentioned the EXACT location of the generic cookies is..........GOD FORBID anyone here should even get the slightest whiff that I may be a BLEEDING HEART LIBERAL.....REPUBLICAN ALL THE WAY BABY!!!!!!!!!

I'll once again give retrospect on other peoples children:

It's the little things we do, that make such a big difference in a young child's life and future endeavors!

We are not doing this to only fulfill are sense of what is right and what is wrong. We are also doing this for our future and the future of our Children's Children.

We all need to remember that the things we do now have a long term impact upon the future.

Yes, I realize I am sounding sappy......but I strongly feel this way....and I am more than willing to shove this belief down the throats of anyone stupid enough to stand and listen to my rant....and as in this case...continue reading to the end!

My Darling Exclusively Special Member, believe me, I'm not truly signaling you out....but that's a bunch of shit isn't it? Here I am addressing you personally.


As for your daughter's dirt bike, let me share an expeience I had in regards to a similar situation....similar only in the value the child of said ownership of a special item.

I had a child come to the house. CAN WE ALL SAY DIRT BAG? This said child had absolutely no respect for other peoples things, nor his own. Vincent was playing with some of his GI Joe dolls when this boy came.

Vinny is very careful with his toys, so Tim and I have no problem in paying $80+ for GI Joe's for him. Well, this child came to the house and picked up a very very expensive GI Joe and started playing with it. Vinny, gently asked for the toy back....but he had another one of similar interest to offer him.

The mother went ape shit and said.....white girl wanting to be black (PUKE)....He ain't my baby's Daddy! Who he think he is? (all written verbatimly).

We tried to explain Vinny's actions....but it was hopelessly lost on the Bitch.

My point need to let other children know, that certain items are off limits.


I do come off sounding like a know it all don't I?

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