Squish Squish
2004-07-07, 2:07 a.m.

An emergency placement usually is a few days. This is turning into a few weeks, with no fucking light at the end of the tunnel.

Fucking Carmen is her caseworker. Wished the bitch would take her fingers outta the Goya product long enough to figure out how this child is getting back to Texas.

I hate Carmen.

I should know better than to take a kid when Carmen is handling intake the next day.

I'm so stupid and listening to this fucking 2 steppin bullshit she listens to is driving me right up the fucking wall.

Tonight at dinner I asked her if my food is disgusting to her? She said no, why? I said I figured it was with all that Ranch dressing your pouring over everything!

Holy fuck! She probably consumed over 1200 calories in Ranch dressing alone! I told her too!

Yeah, I'm a bitch....shot me!

2 tablespoons = 140 calories. She used half of a large bottle for dinner alone!

Thats why young kids are so fucking fat.

She better learn to 2 step some fat out of those arteries. Squish Squish

Who the fuck ever heard of putting Ranch dressing on white rice? Squish Squish

Speaking of white rice, Matty and Jarod ran over to the Chinese take out...he asked if we wanted anything...Vinny's yeah, get me some white rice. Who the fuck just wants white rice from Chinese take out?

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