Small Town International Soccer Team
2004-09-05, 8:15 a.m.

Small Town International Soccer Team.

That's how are Soccer team could be classified. We have 8 English speaking players and 15 players who's primary language is something other than English.

On the field during practice we not only have players and coaches, but we have several translators. We have kids from Africa, Brazil, Chile, Germany, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Santa Domingo.

Matty is Captain...did I already mention that? If I did, I can't help but beam with pride and joy!

Yesterday they had 2 games, 1 win and then 1 loss. Matty plays defense and he made a point by using his head and knocking it into the net!!!!! Yay Matty!!!!

I rarely saw Matty using his feet...oy the headache he must have had. I forgot to ask him, I only noticed the sunburn he had.

One of the boys from the opposing team was a 'Flipper'. When his team would have to toss the ball back into play, he'd toss it in by doing a double or triple flip and land directly on the line, then toss! Most impressive! The parents would yap about it, but I just poo poo them and said we only wished we had a player from our team that could do that. It did seemed to give the ball more momentum and the player didn't cross the line.

Although, it was rather dangerous for our boys to be standing to close to him during the toss. Poor Max, our exchange student from Germany, got whacked in the chest with the ball and Joey (who's parents host Max), took his place when Max got called out, stood with his hands over his privates, fearing a kick to the groin.

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