2005-01-22, 7:57 p.m.

Didn't want God thinking I didn't appreciate the snow, so I went for a walk and to the market. Did have to tell Tim to slow down a few times. When you have pneumonia, its hard to get the correct amount of oxygen into and out of your lungs. Now I'm puking up blood.
I saw the birds outside sitting in the pines. The male cardinals were the pretties. I gave them all the remainers of my peanutbutter cookies from Christmas....they were loving them up. They bypassed the seeds and hung out in the christmas tree eating cookie crumbs. When I feel a little better, I'll fry up some bacon and with the grease I'll add seeds, fruit and whatever else I think they may like.
I was so surprised early on today. My friend that I've been chatting with for over 6 years in Australia sent me a beautiful bouquet of flowers

Maelen was upset that no one told her that my birthday was tomorrow, but I explain to her, and I honestly feel this way, that she is the most wonderful gift from God that I could ever receive. She's been with me for over 6months and is becoming more and more indispensable to the entire family. She told her caseworker that I told her she wasn't allowed to leave our home til she was 85 years old. Everyone loves Maelen. She really doesn't understand it when I tell her she is enough of a gift. I fear wanting more from her, because I feel it would be down right greedy on my part.
Sharon stopped over yesterday and brought me lunch from my most favorite place to eat....Kentucky Fried Chicken!!! She even got me the chicken I love the most...she said -see, I even know what you like.
I told her I wasn't hungry, but when I saw the chicken, I gulped it down so fast and was extremely embarrassed, considering I told her I wasn't hungry.
Geez, my birthday isn't even til tomorrow.
Tim got out the big toboggan so he and Vin could go down the big hill at the old Widows Nursing Home...they call it Widows Hill, but the nursing home is no longer for just women, but the name has stuck. When I saw him carrying it up from the basement, I wanted to go so bad, but I'd never beable to walk back up the hill.
Years back a friend of our's had a huge amount of land. He was very eccentric and he had the most unusually gardens planted through out his land.
Anyways, we'd going sledding over there. He'd block off the road and we'd go sledding down this huge hill. When we'd hit the bottom, there would be snow mobiles to pull us back up.
Such a shame John is dead. I always think of him twice a year, winter and summer.

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