2004-10-14, 1:37 a.m.

I hate having migraines. Its been awhile since I have had a marathon migraine.
I've downed so many pain pills and have purged my stomach many times today.
I don't think Tim is going to work tomorrow. I didn't see a lunch packed.
He came home and noticed I was in bed freezing with this damn migraine. He made me coffee that Lei had mailed me, that she got from her Mom in Hawaii. The smell was so tasty, that I did manage to struggle to sit up long enough to drink a cup.
When I get migraines, I have a tendency to missel off notes or letters.
You know, sort of Share My Pain. Poor Amy got two yesterday, those I won't share, because it will hurt other people.
A few moments ago, I sent my Sister off an email. I haven't heard from her since June. Considering I have sent her off several emails, I now felt it was time to respond to the lack of returns:

Well, I have sent off at least 3 emails to you.
I have not had any responses.
You know, the one thing I like about me, is that a person ALWAYS knows where I'm coming from and what my position is.

Avoidance is something I have never prescribed to, nor feel is very fair to the other person.

One comment from 4 email messages ago has sent you to the path of avoidance? Hmmmm....there were many positive things written in that message besides the one....that you may have disagreed with or even got your dander up about....but even that wasn't negative.

Well, as Mom is infamous of saying....we've made our beds, now its time to lie in them.

Haha....she is mighty impressed with that you do and they people you intermingle with. I myself, recall Wayne calling us kids up and asking us to chip in money so you can get your teeth fixed!

Don't get to big for your has a way of humbling us when were feeling smug.

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