Everything Is Returning To Where It Should Be
2004-08-29, 9:27 a.m.

My head is in the clouds. I've been so sick. I hate when Vin get sicks, because I know I'm sure to get what ever he had and get it worse. I'm feeling much better and am very happy about that indeed.

Realized I didn't get Vin a new backpack, wished he just get one of those janssen backpacks and have it over with for a year or so, but he may still be into one of those goofy cartoon character ones. Either way, I have to take him out shopping with me.

I'd rather get my teeth drilled than shop with him.

Never made it to Staples, dreaded dealing with people and made me remember to look for my prescription for valium the Dentist gave to me. I'll have to get a new one made, because insense oil leaked unto it and smudged the writing.

God, I hope they re-write it for me.

Tomorrow is back to school! Yay, not sure what I'll do but do know it will be all about me!


Matty had his wallet returned to him in the mail yesterday. He had lost it in Lancaster when he was doing school shopping. The money wasn't in there, but everything else was, the people who returned it didn't leave their name, but left a return address on the envelope. How nice of them! I guess when Matty and I said a quick pray to St.Anthony it helped.

I told Matty to send them a thank you card for finding it and returning it.


Tim has a photo shoot today, and I tried explaining what the girl wanted for at least one shot, but he doesn't seem to understand what I mean to achieve that look....I hope I don't have to go along to help set it up.

If I do, I'm going shopping for new living room furniture.

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