Red Door
2005-02-18, 7:12 p.m.

Geez, I just now read my last entry, it was only posted 23 hours ago. Its amazing how accurate that quiz was.
Tomorrow I'm going down to Baltimore for any evening of sheer assholery! (I can bet my bottom dollar that's exactly how I'll be towards evenings end.) I'm meeting Sixweasels at her families bar and she will have the honor ::extreme sarcasm:: of meeting my husband, both brothers and sister-in-law. You'll have proof positive of what a jackass I was if you notice that I was taken off Sixweasels buddy list!
I primed myself up last night....3 drinks and I was out cold....but I think that had something to do with Kaden. He was about to send that last nerve I've been hanging onto, to some black hole, somewhere in the universe.
Lordy, I spray painted the kitchen door with the fan running. I'm telling you, a retard on crack has more intellegence than me. The nice thing of it though is that Dawn is going to paint my living room, dining room and ceilings!!!!!!! Plus she bought me pretty bamboo placemats and paint to redo both doors.
When I yammered about the red and wanting it, she suggested a red tablecloth. I did that, plus I bought new red curtains (velour, like a jackass, for a kitchen)
You'd think I'd be feeling my nerve by posting this picture, but I have no shame.

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