Queen Wannabe Of The Ghetto
2004-11-08, 10:29 p.m.

Tim was listening to me as I once again spoke to Dawn Marie...cried and wailed would be more of an appropriate discription of our conversation.
At one point I handed the phone over to Tim because I could hardly believe the things that were coming from her mouth!
When she'd state an absurd comment, I'd repeat it, just to make sure I was hearing correctly...that's how Tim knew both sides.
When I became so frustrated, and gave Tim the phone, she hung up.
I don't know what to do. I have always given all that I could to my children. I tried so hard on not being my mother that I know I had become over-bearing, smothering, and too quick to fix things and not let them figure out what to do. I know those things aren't good, but I never ever wanted them to think that they were alone in the world.
I never ever wanted Dawn to have to remove her clothing for a dollar. I never ever wanted her to have to make a bad decision that would hurt her soul in order to take care of Kitana.
Yes, I'm still angry that she attempted a late term abortion. Yes, I'm still angry that she just up and eloped with Robert without telling me. Yes, I feel she could have done better in choosing a life mate than him.
She is young and in love.
But when you marry someone, you also need to see what and how they were brought up.
Tim said that Dawn Marie is still vying for Queen of the Ghetto. She tries so hard to find similarities between her growing up and what Robert experienced.
Its almost as if she is shamed she was spoiled.
When Maelen came home from school she saw that I was crying. She sat beside me and just held me, telling me how much she loved me and that she will never ever hurt me.
She is so frustrated with Dawn because she can't understand how she could be this way towards me.
Maelen once again repeated how proud and happy she was when I told one of Tim's clients that I had 4 children...2 girls and 2 boys. She said she was so grateful that I didn't say she was an adopted child.
Maelen said she wasn't trying to take over Dawn's place in my heart. I explained to her, that she wasn't, that I had always had that spot in my heart reserved just for her and that she was finally here so that I could give her all that love.

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