Pursuing Insight
2004-06-18, 1:57 p.m.

I'm reading about the social and family dynamics of most Puerto Rican families. It has given me greater insight to many of my foster children. Not just the one who's letters I've posted. Far more insight than the Therapist was able to offer when I was dealing with Ruben.


Dawn stopped over this morning and she said she talked to Tilly and Wayne. She said Wayne didn't sound well and that Tilly (mom) was boo hooing on how terrible of a mother she had been and wanted to be forgiven.

Dawn said I should just forgive her and move on with my life.

I said that I had done that when I went up Saturday. That forgiveness wasn't mine to give, that she'll have to take that up with God, who I might add, I wish is a big black pimpin black man!

I had also told her, that I was more than willing to deal with Tilly, providing it was superficial. I become extremely agitated with her when she calls me up drunk bawling about what a schmuck she was and how I am her 1st born, yada yada yada.

Christ, I'd have to be a drooling moron not to know my own birth order!

Personally I find her attempts at correcting wrongs...haha... only those she wants to acknowledge, rather self serving. She's only being nice because her and Wayne are separating. But I have already informed her, I WILL NOT give her money EVER. I would not care if she became a bag lady and riffed for her meals!

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