2004-07-23, 9:20 a.m.

My house has become a revolving door, or so it seems.

I no sooner get the extra room cleaned from the last visitor, when I get a call for a new one.

This new girl I have seems so nice. Girly Girl...she will most certainly make Dawn feel threatened. Dawn likes when the girls are dirty and beastly or if she feels she can intimidate them.

Perhaps I just read Dawn wrong.

I hope so.

At dinner, Maylen said what a sweetie Vinny was, I laughed and said I'd ask her how sweet he is 6 days from now. Vinny said -ask 3 days from now! I'm always nice the 1st day or so when a person is new.

I feel like Whoopie from the movie 'The Color Purple'. Maylen has only been speaking English for 2 years and has a wonderful grasp on it. She is teaching me some Spanish.

She points out common items and tells me the names. I repeat them, then later she'll point to them again and I'll try and remember the name and say it. She then said, if I want, she could write the name on paper and attach it...........No no no....that is just too much like the movie!

This girl could make me change my decision on not taking long term placements.

But I won't call the caseworker and say anything....I'll let the cards fall naturally and see where it leads.

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