Prima Donna
2005-12-06, 9:19 a.m.

I can't understand my daughter. I can't understand why it is she feels compelled to compete with me, to stir the seas of chaos when none needs to be stired.

Maelen has been creating distention upon the homefront ever since she came back. I mean even a child could see she warped into 'Alpha Bitch'. She took over the home with a vengeance.
I really thought we could work out these problems between her and Marie. It wasn't only Marie that she decided to boss even included Tim and of course Vinny.
I thought it had reached its height of supremacy when she started making ultimatums for me to toss Marie out, or she was going to leave. At that point, I had told Maelen that if she so felt compelled to leave, she'd have to go about it as an adult and work with the County to obtain her emancipation. I had also told her things have gotten so bad with her, that I hated having days off from work or spending any time whatsoever at home, that it no longer was a place to rest and enjoy.
That was fine, the next day she came home from school and things were good between her and Marie.
Now come Sunday, Marie comes to me crying saying Maelen gave her phone number out to her brother and that he was calling and harrassing her. The same brother that raped her!
I jumped up and immediately started yelling at Maelen.....(much prior to this incident, Maelen had told me she had a date with her brother and at that time I told her I didn't think it was a good idea, that I really didn't approve of it and that I didn't want him to come around here, nor to call)....I asked her why she'd do something that cruel? And her response to me was, "It has nothing to do with me!" I yelled back at her and told her I didn't want him to call here, and she just went on about how Marie was a liar, that she knew her family longer and that it just didn't happen.
At this point she is walking upstairs and putting clothes on, and I told her she didn't know what goes on behind clothes doors. Then her and Marie started yelling at each other and Maelen said she was leaving. I asked her if she was choosing a family who loved her or a pervert.
She never did answer me. Which brings me back to Dawn.

Dawn called me yesterday afternoon to tell me Maelen was at her house and that she didn't want to come back here. Maelen refused to talk to me on the phone and Dawn of course didn't want to hear the full spectrum of the incident. I told Dawn that I had to call the Agency and tell them that Maelen was there.
I did, and the Agency went out to her home, I also went out, because I wanted to make sure Dawn didn't get in trouble for harboring I'm nosey.
Here Dawn defended Maelen and called me a Liar!!! She told the Agency she wanted to take custody of Maelen. They of course told her, "no", which caused both her and Maelen to wail at which time I lost control calling Maelen a Prima Donna. At that point the Caseworker requested I leave.
I left and Maelen also left Dawn's house in handcuffs.

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