Prep'd For BonBon Day
2004-11-04, 10:14 p.m.

I had a bon bon day today!
I had originally planned this day to go to Baltimore to see a Suzanne and have lunch. But things got a bit hectic and we plan on doing it next week.
I can't wait! We already met and had a blast, this time it will be just the 2 of us and we'll be free to talk our heads off over a martini or two.
For my bon bon day, I was free to just clean at a leisurely pace. It felt good to just focus on the one thing and not think of all the other things I needed to do.
Sharon had stopped over and had lunch with me. Thats was good; adult company that had nothing whats so ever to do with PTA.
I've been so wrapped up in PTA that even Tim has been helping me. It also means that I haven't had much time to do my maraton conversations with Sharon. I really miss those evenings on the phone.
We did get to talk last night in a relax atmosphere. We laughed and laughed. I get my exercise in when I talk to her. My belly hurts like I did 300 crunches from all the laughing.
I wonder if it really would be considered a form of exercise?
Denise had called me again and wanted us to join her at the Italian Club....the last place we went as a couple, the place she had a melt down because I kindly told her how rude it was to expect me to provide food for 22 people.
I know I did it kindly too. When dealing with Denise, I treat her with kid gloves, she just seems like such a delicate flower that you need to be gentle towards.
I couldn't go because tomorrow evening, during half time at the football game, they are annoucing the Parents of the Sports Seniors and we will walk across the field for the last time with our children.
I know I'll be crying.
Matty told me that he has decided not to go into Pharmacy. That he's thought about it and thought about it, and has decided his heart and joy lays in Teaching.
I told him to go with his heart and what he thinks will give him the most joy. I know he'll be a very good teacher.
Maelen got a job! She will be working at that grocery store I freaked out about over my rice. She is so excited and I'm so happy for her.
Tina called my yesterday. She decided to continue with her pregnancy, even though it was medically recommended that she have a late term abortion. She's having a little girl.
I can't picture Tina as a mother, let alone a baby with high needs. She finally got her son back and she is having a rough time parenting him. He has already been kicked out of HeadStart due to his language and agressive behavior. Tina just shrugs her shoulders about it and says they'll just have to deal with it when he goes to school.
Our bake sale did great on Tuesday! We made almost triple that of all our other bake sales!
I was in the lobby helping with the Bake Sale with several other people. Matty came in the doors to vote....we all stood up and started clapping for him.
I had tears in my eyes as I watched Tim explain to him how to vote. I wanted so bad to join him in the booth, but I knew he'd laugh at me. He came out and I asked him how he voted? He said -Straight Democrat, then started laughing.
I'm so glad this election is over.
I'm doing my laundry tonight so that I have a real bon bon day. Today was just a set up for the real thing.

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