Planning Stage Okay'd
2005-01-09, 7:06 p.m.

Somehow, I must have lied about something when I did this quiz:
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Spoke to Tim, somewhat extensively, considering most times he's a shrug/twitch type guy for communicating, in regards to my planning on going to Greenland for a week or two. He really is fine with my going....he sort of knew that this would occur once I got the go ahead on getting my passport, just by showing my progress in getting my green card. He only said to make sure I research it and that the locals are receptive to having outsiders.
He asked what I planned on doing up there and I told him go dogsledding. He said I could go upstate if that is what I wanted to do and didn't have to go clear up there! I said I also wanted to watch the Inuits catch seal, cut it open upon the rocks and perhaps even eat of it, while it was still warm. That I also wanted to watch humpback whales, camp overnight in an actual igloo and lick glacier ice.....none of which can be done upstate.
When I was telling him about it, I started crying and said I'd just die of absolute boredom if I had to go to Ocean City one more year, without having the benefit of good memories of else where.
The only thing I'm reconsidering on my going to Greenland is the timing. I think I'll wait till they get a bit of daylight so I can see better....I'll have to go in an research more. Although I told Tim that my camera has a flash and it would lighten up my area....but batteries...the frigid cold will make them dead within moments of taking out the camera.
I told him that if it's possible, I'd like to take a prolonged layover in Newfoundland and visit some family. I don't foresee that as a problem because the helicopter only runs a couple times a week, during the winter, to where I want to go.
I was considering taking Vinny with me, but that got blown out of the water today.
We went down along the Susquehanna river today to walk about and Vinny was yapping about being cold. The only thing I had on was a Greenland this time of year is most certainly out of the question.

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