Phenobarb Shuffle
2005-02-04, 1:18 a.m.

I called the Doctor's office today. I was told to come in immediately.
Um, that's not such a good thing for someone who suffers panic disorder and needs at least a week to pump herself up about leaving the house.
I did go in and we discussed what has been going on and how long this recent bout has been happening. He also took notice of my blood pressure and heart rate....I told him this is how I am without the weeks notice of leaving. He said I have Agoraphobia.
He also asked if my previous Doctor did anything for my puking blook, I said no, even though I've complained of it before, so I've just been poo pooing it since. He then asked how many years I had been going to him, -ever since moving here in 1991. He then said the man should have lost his license's to practic years ago and ordered me into the hospital immediately.
That wasn't possible so I'll be going in tomorrow morning.
He also up'd my zoloft from 50mg to 200mg, took me off xanax and back on advant twice a day. I did the 200mg, but crap, I felt like a zombie, doing a phenobarb shuffle.

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