Parental Advice
2004-05-29, 1:34 p.m.

My mother called me a couple days ago. What a farce! She was calling to give me Parental Advice. I was "Oh no Tilly, you best stay out of this territory!" she said she was only concerned about the fight Dawn and I had and that Dawn had called her. Well what a fucking hoot that Dawn called her, of all people!

I have not gone off my mother since her stroke....but it was difficult not giving it to her with both barrels.

Years of contempt boil over and out over her Parental Abilities!

It ended with her doing her dry suck in of a sob, saying I'd give my life for you children and me telling her that was a bunch of shit....she'd give up the life of me or Johnny to save Brenda or Joey.

But, I still love her anyways.

She really is as cute as a bug and can pretend to be such a niffty little old thing.

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