Opening Pandora's Box
2004-07-27, 9:45 a.m.

Mailen, the new girl is a very perceptive girl. It may have a lot to do with the language and having to read people through body lanuage.

Robert came over to pick up Kitana. We were all on the front porch watching Vinny and Kitana play with their new toys.

Kitana was taping her Barbie doll shoes on the doll so they wouldn't fall off and Robert was helping her 'work magic'. He looked at me and asked if I had slept because I looked like crap. I shrugged and said yes, got a good night sleep.

He seemed to be gloating over the fact that they have upset me. He knew exactly what was wrong with me....its not only that Dawn constantly finds new ways to torment me, but added to that is the fact that Robert seems to delight in my pain.

I have always been a private person. I would rarely give a person the satisfaction of seeing my discomfort, fears or even joys. Its killing me that she delights in exposing me to him and him to peek about and gloat at my discomfort and pain.

I called my brother last night....the 'Uncle Joey'. The hardest part of the conversation was how to address the opening of conversation...I certainly didn't want to say hello, that seems so breezy and friendly. I was glad it was him who answered the phone. I just stated who I was...not even sure if he said hello. I then just inquired why the sudden desires of visiting with 'my family'?


He then asked if I was paranoid? I said no, why would I be? That Dawn is a grown woman now, I haven't any fears there.....yeah, lob it back at the Bastard....take reference from that comment any way you want!

He said something to the effect that he is part of her family and that he welcomes the fact that she desires to come visit him. That I was the one to keep 'my family' away from everyone. I agreed with him that it was me to keep the children away from 'the family' and that Dawn must be wanting to expand her horizons by seeing what they are all about.

The conversation ended soon after that.

I'm tired of the pain that child seems to heap upon me! It just doesnt' stop!

You'd think she was the most deprived child in the world the way she treats me. The perverse pleasure she takes in publicly flogging me.

I keep telling myself I have no control over what she does. That I must not let it bother me.

I just don't understand why she feels hell bent on opening Pandora's Box.

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