2004-09-15, 11:22 p.m.

I was just thinking honestly about myself and my pursuits of what I find important to fund at school.

Reading: The Library gets all the cash from the 1st fund raiser so that the Librarian can purchase the best possible resource books for our students.

Field Trips: Twofold reason. Its educational and opens the minds for our young students to things besides Hershey Park and other such stuff. The other reason is, we our a city school with many poor/single parent students, these field trips are their only adventure away from their neighborhood.

Physcial Education: We have become a community that is afraid to allow our children to go outside to run, climb...explore. Everything is planned or worse....they just stay inside playing video games or tv.

I refused to allow money to be taken from that program!

Garden Keepers: See above.


When we sat down and planned out the budget....I was very vocal and I admit, I clouded the numbers so that it matched the reasons why all that money should be taken from Teacher Appreciation Week.

Even when the Principle disagreed with some of the cuts and suggested we take from the Garden Keepers and perhaps not put so much into the field trips, I refused her immediately, even though I rightly should have consulted with the other officers.

I know I'll be a One-Termer.

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