Oh That Terrible Ivan
2004-09-18, 10:42 p.m.

Oh that terrible Ivan has made his presence known up my way.

We had several inches of water in the basement, high winds and numerous

tornados west of us.

The electricity went out for a moment, but enough to bring Vinny to our bed. Tim got up and checked the basement, then woke me to help bail out.

As soon as we thought Lowes or HomeDepot would be open we went.....but they were out of everything. They had sent everything down to Florida. We did manage to get a squeegie and dehumidifier.

We discovered that the drain in the basement works once the lid is removed!!!!! Yeah, I'm so happy about that, plus with all that water we had down there...so much got wet and we now have to throw it away.

I love throwing stuff away. My idea of a beautiful basement is an empty one with just a dehumidifier down there.

I really like our basement, it has beautiful stone walls and nice big windows. But, I'd never want to fix it up and utilize it for anything other than hosting a humidifier.

Throwing out stuff makes me feel so good. Sort of like taking a long hot relaxing bath.

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