2005-01-20, 10:11 p.m.

Every year, same time, I end up with pneumonia.
It didn't stop me from going out and shoveling the snow the other day. God I was so happy seeing it! And we may get 20 inches on Saturday!!!!
I sent out requests for Greenland and haven't heard nay from any. I guess I could contact a Travel Agency, but the less people who know what a fuck nugget I am, the better off I feel.
I mean, it isn't like I want to go for any extreme adventure. How do you tell them your main reason for going is to lick a glacier? I only fished once in my entire life and the second time I attempted, the fishing line ended up at my feet instead of going into the water.
Mom called me last night to let me know she was on the Auto Train for Florida. Johnny was with her.....eeeee, I could image the anxiety she may have been having if Johnny was drinking. He has a sharper edge than me.
She was whining about Johnny not making dinner reservations till 9pm. I hope she doesn't eat as much as she normally would, otherwise she'll be sick.
It amazes me how much she eats at a sitting. We eat lots, but in small amounts through out the day.
I think I'll suck up my pain and do something special for our anniversary tomorrow. Its hard to believe we'll be married for 11 years.
I watched a movie on the IFC about TS Elliot...what a schmuck he was! Putting his wife away in an Insane Asylum and never seeing her again, but claiming he loved her so much.
Yeah, typical Artist, needing calamity to stimulate his artistic emotion. I watched it clear to the end, just as a reminder to myself, to stop acting like a fuck nugget.
It also gave me some perspective on what mom is going through. 65 years old and going through another divorce. But, I don't think they will. Geez, they live a block from each other and talk to each other daily.
I hope they don't.

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