2004-07-26, 11:36 a.m.

Rainbow: You have a chameleon aura. You know how
to adapt to your environment. You are usually
happy and few things in your life can change
this, at least not for very long. You love
life and all the challenges it has to offer
you. You are quite the enigma to other people,
but think you are really quite simple. You
could care less about money or material things
and, in fact, think they get in the way of
happiness. You sometimes suffer from insomnia. Secret emotion: Confusion and Passion

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The weekend went beautifully with Mailen. The entire family really likes her alot. I called the Supervisor of Intake to let him know how the weekend went. He'll take to MrEunuch for me. I hope MrEunuch allows her to stay. Its not very often I get well mannered young ladies.


Yesterday I tried all day to reach Dawn so that I could get Kitana to come over. I thought I'd get some back to school shopping started and wanted to get Kitana a few outfits because there are so many great sales going on.

Towards evening, I called Vu to ask if he had Kitana and where Dawn was. He said they all went to Baltimore to visit an 'Uncle Joey'.

It felt as if someone put a knife in my heart and a huge punch in my stomach.

I don't know what she is doing and why she is doing it.

If she wants to hate me, fine, she doesn't need to seek justification. Just hate me.

I don't understand her, I don't know what more I could have done for her. I sometimes wonder if she is trying to compare her upbring with that of her husband's so as to not make him feel so awful.

I just don't understand. I love her dearly.....but obviously we both feel a desire for so much more than the other is willing to give.

Stepping back and looking at her life as an outsider, I see she loves romance and glitter. I have never looked at life with anything but the black and white. There is no gray area of romance for me to acknowledge. As for glitter...pfffft...I'm for to practical for such nonsense.

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