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2005-02-07, 7:33 p.m.

I've not updated lately because I haven't a thing to wild thought running about, just nada.
I went to the hospital Friday, I was running late, and of course I ran into hospital staff I knew and had to catch up on their latest happenings. The techs from xray came and got me.
That was wait!
I've not heard anything yet from the Doctor, but have an appointment with him Wednesday. I'm assuming there isn't anything wrong with me and that I have manifested this entire syndrome.
The upside of it all is that I have no desire to eat. I don't mind cooking....yay for the family, I just don't care to eat. It's probably due to the mega dose of zoloft...which by the way doesn't help me the least in getting out the door without coming undone! I'm okay in my safe areas....probably a 5 block radius of my home....after that I'm a fucking basket case.
Poor Tim. If we need groceries, he has to go with me, I didn't even want to drive the mile to the hospital, so he drove me.....I didn't even have to ask him.
Next week he has to take a day off work to drive me to another town to get fingerprinted and hopefully get my greencard in hand. I know for sure, I'd come undone and have to turn around and come back.
Funny thing about it all is that I have no problems taking off to another state or country by myself.
Oh...and I lost more weight!!!!!

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